Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekly to-do list

I've been thinking about trying to do a weekly to-do list again. I never seemed to keep up the habit. I know this week I have plans to make several recipes for my cookbook challenge but editing and uploading will take some time. I think I should do a video of my projects so that I can show my viewers what else I do besides cook and eat. I just lost my job so this will be easier than it was a few weeks ago. I also have a little time before the fall semester starts can't wait. On to the to-do/ goal list.

1. Finish Memoirs of a Geisha
2. Finish editing "monkey bread" and "Stone Soup" video
3. Stick with menu plan
4. record content for "egg salad", "cheese quesedilla", "Ambrosia Salad", "fried egg Sandwich", "Pineapple Spread", and "Olive Spread"
5. No TV after 8pm
6. Wake up at 9:30 everyday
7. Drink 3 glasses of water everyday

I'm thinking about restarting 4 weeks to an organized home but with way it went downhill last time I worried. Finding workable routines is hard when my husband wants to sleep till noon and expects me to wait until Claire gets up to get up myself makes my day feel hectic and out of control. Sometimes I don't find a point in making a routine because I'm always getting complained at by someone about how I disturb them or I am not doing things right. I can't wait to live without ridicule but I don't think that will ever happen.

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