Monday, September 24, 2012

Gah!! Time Management Frustration

I have time management issues. I read articles about time management all the time. Habit building stuff like making a to-do list, writing down goals, and the like. Again time has gotten away from me, I'm arguing with myself between wanting to play Skyrim, wanting to surf the net, wanting to earn swagbucks, and finally needing to do things like potty training Claire, menu planning, cooking from scratch, exercising, oh and school. I'm not behind in school but I sure am taking my sweet time, especially with this group project I need to do. I'm a horrible procrastinator, hopefully this new time management thing I'm going to try will help.

First I'm going to try the power hour thing, basically I'm going to try and set my timer for 1hour and work on nothing else but schoolwork, for the entire hour, I have plenty to do for the hour (of course I'm going to pause the timer whenever I need to take care of Claire). 15 minutes to clean house (again pausing when needing to). 30 minutes to exercise, 30 minutes to surf the web or earn swagbucks. 1 hour to work on stories and writings. 2 hours of video games, any extra time is for more schoolwork, or game playing if I really don't have any schoolwork that I can do at that moment. One hour before bed I am going to work on a to-do list, particularly for my schoolwork, pick up the house, and reflection, maybe some reading. I want to plan some outside time and reading time for Claire, too.

Hopefully this can help until I'm done with this semester.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

22nd birthday

I'm now twenty -two isn't it awesome. Also I've been married for 3 years now. I'm still 180 lbs so I'm not dying my hair, getting a piercing, or getting a tattoo. I still have the goal that if I lose 30 lbs I'm going to put black streaks in my hair, if I lose 50 lbs I'm piercing my belly button, and if I get back to my high school weight of 120 I will get a tattoo.
I'm still not on a diet but I am eating better food, not a lot of processed foods and even less restaurant food.
I want to keep up with my weekly goals so that I can organize my life again and get things together for myself and for my next year of life.
I have some new weekly goals
1. do a to-do list every morning (mainly for my school work but it can be for anything)
2. Read this present darkness, mrs appleyard's kitchen, and a princess of mars
3. video baked macaroni

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Where have I been?

I know those who actually read this have probably been wondering where the hell I've been. To  be honest I've been a little lazy. Reality is I lost my internet for a week and then I spent an entire week trying to catch up on my online classes. I'm finally caught up, and now I think I can continue this blog.

To update about what happened in August, I read Dance with Dragons and Two for the Dough I know I should have read more but like I said lazy. Anyway this month I am going to read the iron elves books, and maybe some of the Stephanie Plum novels. I'm also going to start the Barsoom series.

Also I got some overripe bananas for cheap, I baked some banana muffins, banana bread, and a chocolate banana cake. I still have leftover bananas. good for freezer cooking and bulk buying.

Claire turned 2 and I don't even know where to begin with potty training. I also have behavioral issues I'm having to deal with (IE hitting). She was put in timeout on her first day of preschool. I don't even know what to do with that besides sticking with the timeouts but they don't always work she laughs at them.

I'm enjoying my classes, especially the programing class. but I not having such a good time with networking so I don't think I make a career out of networking. Hopefully I won't have to take another networking class.

Anyway things are going chaotically so I'm just relaxing when I can and then just enjoying the ride.