Friday, December 28, 2012

New Year's Resolutions

It's that time again, time for new year's resolutions. I know it's that time where I make a goal for the year and then give up half way through January. I'm going to try nonetheless.
First to talk about my big goals for this year, I only have two and that is to lose weight and to get more organized.
When I talk about losing weight my ultimate goal is to get back to the weight I was in high school. I was 120 in high school and I am 185 now, that's 65 lbs to lose, I would be happy at 130 and active. This year I want to get to 150 by my birthday, 35lbs by September 16, after my birthday is Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, I don't want to strain myself too much after my birthday. My plan of attack is to crowd out soda with water and green tea, add in ten minutes of cardio every weekday, add in more vegetables and fruits, and then add in muscle building and yoga. I have high prospects for this coming year.
Now organization, I want to keep my house clean and keep a schedule. I really want to keep a schedule because I want to be able to include time for creativity along with physical activity while still maintaining a household.  I really want to stop procrastinating in school, I really don't think I will have that much of a problem since I no longer have to take a networking class. Hopefully I will enjoy these classes more than the last ones. I'm excited because I start the gaming classes in the fall but I'm getting off track right now. Earlier this year I started a time type schedule that I am hoping to implement again. I'm going to start with a set sleep schedule I want to start getting Claire up by 8 but that means getting myself up and ready for the day by then. I already want to be getting up at 6 so I can be up before the sun.
I have other resolutions, I want to read at least 12 books on my book list, I want to successfully grow a garden, and I want to do at least 3 crafts successfully.
Looking forward to 2013.

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