Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Dirt under my nails (life update)

It's April, the weather is lovely, I've been in the garden planting and stuff. I've filled my current seed trays and I already have radishes, two different lettuces, and cabbage sprouted. I bought some Strawberry seedlings that are okay, some of them are thriving well, others need a little help. I also bought one blackberry plant that I recently put into the ground I need to get another one so that it will pollinate well. I started a sort of back-to-eden garden I don't currently have access to free wood chips so I'm just layering newspaper and compost.
My time management has gotten better. I'm now ahead in my classes. The assignments are given to me on Monday and I am able to finish them before the weekend. Most of the time within two days. Now to focus on my organization.

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