Friday, March 1, 2013

It's March

It's March, it's time to start the gardening and stuff. The days are getting warmer and longer. The trees are getting ready bloom and stuff. I love when spring comes around.
Since it is spring it is time to get some projects done. It's time to start turning the garden, I should have started in January with preparing the soil but I didn't, I still have trouble with gardening and stuff I blame my brown thumb. I know now is the perfect time to transplant strawberries so that they will be ready in May. Same with spring lettuce and other spring vegetables (note:this person needs to do her research she really knows nothing.) I'm probably going to be starting my seeds indoors within the next week. Hopefully all of my seed from last year is still viable. Also it's a good time to plant perennials like my grapes and my blackberries. I was looking at a full sized peach tree(not a dwarf tree) at Lowes but they're $30 a plant and I know I will need two. I've got plans to get some transplants withing a few weeks in the ground and start my seed for my garden.

Also now is good time to start making summer clothes. The "Spring" cloth is on sale most anywhere for Easter. They'll be on clearance after Easter. I've started making clothes for little berry time to make an array of summer play clothes (t-shirts, knee pants, tutu skirts). I have plans to make my husband a bar-b-Que apron, I also need to make some spring and summer clothes form myself.

I also have plans to clean house, time to put away the winter stuff and bring out the spring decorations(or make them in my case). I also need to clean out my seed trays from last year (I keep coming back to gardening I'm just that excited).

I started a project, more of a business on Etsy. After I make my first items and take the pictures I will start posting listings I can't wait.

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