Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Life update

This is just an update on things and how I'm feeling.
The exercise has been going well but I've discovered a new thing about myself. I've discovered that I'm not a fan of interval or circuit training, in videos, I'm okay with it if it's written down and I can take my own time and set my own time. Also I'm really not a fan of timed intervals but intervals with set amount of repetitions are better suited for me. What I really like is yoga, dance cardio, and martial arts style workouts. One of the things I realized is that sometimes I really don't want to workout but if I'm going to be doing yoga or MMA style cardio(both are part of the BeFit in 90 plan) I look forward to the workout, even if it is hard for me. So I'm probably going to be taking a break from the program and doing things like yoga and dance or martial arts style workouts. I might go back and finish the 90 program because I kind of feel like a failure for wanting to quit for now but I also know I shouldn't feel bad because as long as I am exercising I'm sticking with my goals. Plus I still haven't experimented with all the people that I subscribed to.

My diet has been the same. I'm not watching what or how much I'm eating but I am adding more wholesome foods like whole grain and organic. I'm still trying to kick all the chemicals out of my kitchen. Although I haven't changed much of my eating habits I have started to drink a cinnamon and honey diet tea. The tea is supposed to clean out toxins in my system and keep new fat from accumulating, it's not supposed to be a miracle tea but an aid in digestion and such. I've only been drinking it for only two days, I haven't noticed a difference yet, but I've not lost hope yet. Also I may not be drinking it right, I know I'm supposed to drink it on an empty stomach first thing in the morning 30 minutes before breakfast, and just before I go to bed. I haven't had the emptying effect yet but we'll see.

I've started doing home remedies I found on pinterest as beauty treatments. Most are natural and can be organic. I've found a new facial moisturizer that I'm trying, I want to stop using petroleum jelly. On that note I found a recipe for petroleum free jelly but it requires beeswax which may be difficult for me to acquire, but I haven't given up. Also I have been using coconut oil on my hair lately and I love it, I love it just as much as I love the tangle teaser. My hair usually soaks it up over night and it's starting to look more hydrated and lustrous. I'm looking for a way to improve the color, I don't want to dye it but I want my natural color to stand out more, need to do more research. I also want to find a better way to reduce my pimples, I know hydration, diet, sleep, stress, and the like so I need to work on all of these.

Shadow Ninja and I have decided to home school our children. I agree with him, I used to think that I would home school them but use public school as a resource but things that have happened and other parents talking about their experiences with public school. Especially stories from parents that actually pay attention to their children's school lives. I don't want to have to hear about my child getting in trouble for just being a free thinker. Also, I don't want to have to deal with things like other kids bullying my kid and teachers bullying my kid(yes, it happened to me in 3rd and 4th grade). Also I want her to develop her own strength and her own sense of self. I know I didn't have my own strength until after high school, and there are some things that I never would have done if I had though for myself instead of doing what people already thought or expected of me. I've been doing my research and the more I research the more I think that I can really do this. I can school my own children.

I have wanted to improve my time management for a while. I am a bad procrastinator and with Shadow Ninja on a random schedule, being able to create a schedule is difficult. I've come up with a way to keep up with my school work without waiting until the last minute. It seems to be working. I've been ahead in my homework and I even have down time. Now I want to add in time to do things like write, cook, craft, and design. I also need to work in time to teach my daughter the things she needs to know before we start pre-school. I really need to make time to potty train my daughter. Everyone knows that I try to make weekly goals or daily to-do list and I fail every time. I've read several time management advice articles and I know there's some things that I need to put on my to-do list until it becomes habit. Like going to bed, writing and crafting.

On that note I do really want to start writing again. I've never really finished any of my stories. I know I'm not that great of a writer but I at least want to get my stories out there. I've been wanting to set aside time to work on these stores and this blog. I want to start writing in a journal everyday just to get back into the habit of writing. Or typing as I am accustomed to doing. I like typing better because I can type faster than I can write, but I can speak faster than I can type so if I could get something like the dragon software it would be awesome. I've been thinking about re-writing fairy tales, I know cliche. I have two ideas to go on and I will probably do both at some point. One idea is to re-write the tales from another characters perspective, cliche, but I don't mean like from the villains perspective or the princes perspective I mean from the perspective of a completely made up character and that means changing the story a bit, I already have a premise for sleeping beauty. Also my other idea is to rewrite the tales in an urban or contemporary fantasy genre. The urban fantasy tales are going to probably take place in the same world so-as some of my stories could cross-over, for this style I already have an idea for beauty and the beast, cliche again. I really want to brush up on the original stories so I can capture the essence of what they were supposed to be and then turn it into my own.

One last thing I wanted to type about was where I believe this blog is going. I really don't know what I want it to be about, I have many interests so I thought I could just include all of these things in my blog. It's going to be a blog about my life. I am trying to lose weight, so I'm probably going to have  a ton of weight loss posts presently, but when I get tired of thinking about weight I might move on to my garden or my crafts or even hair and make-up. I might even surprise everyone with a post about books or my writings or even music that I see a good story with (if you know what I mean). One thing you got to know about me is that I love everything fantasy. Fantasy hair, fantasy costumes, fantasy settings, artwork and so much more so a lot of my stuff will be based around a fantasy style, except for those that can't be fantasy. Weird I know. I just want to make my blog my own and make it personal, same with my youtube channel, I tried to be like someone else and I just don't like it. I like making music videos and I might try my hand at it again(yeah my dinky slide shows). I've definitely gotten better at editing. I will just see where everything takes me.

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