Thursday, January 31, 2013

February Goals (2013)

January Recap
I was able to keep up with exercising all through January. I'm up to day 13 on the BeFit in 90 program. I have only had 4 sodas this month so hopefully this next month I'll be able to drink more water. We've been good about shopping once a week, considering FIL has been sick so we've only been able to shop when Shadow Ninja is off work. Also we haven't had time to eat out either. I've been doing research about homeschooling Shadow Ninja and I are dead set on a home education, I've researched the NC laws so I don't think we will have legal issues, and I've found a group that I will probably join in a year or two.

Ten goals for February
1. Start weekly to-do list for school work
2. Start daily water tracker
3. Research different home school methods
4. Get up at 10 am or earlier everyday
5. Cook dinner 3 times this week
6. Continue BeFit in 90 program
7. Do 1 month 1 minute plank
8. Take measurements and body shots for weight loss progression
9. Eat half a plate of fruit for breakfast every morning
10. Spend an hour a day on Pre-K skills with Claire

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