Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Setting up pictures

I didn't realize, until I started posting lots of  pictures on my craft blog, how difficult it was to set up the shot. I mean the lighting is not great where I'm at in my little crafting corner. Also making sure my desk is decently cleaned. Most of the time I just shove what I don't need into the corner out of camera range and then it creeps back afterward. Also trying to come up with new blog posts when I'm not actually working on a project. It cost money to make projects and I only get paid every two weeks so I'm worried that on the craft blog that I'm going to be doing a post every day while I have material and then it might go a week or two without a post. I could do tutorials and a sewing machine review but I only have one sewing machine. A discussion of notions is in order and basic needs to get started sewing. I've got ideas just need to get off my lazy backside and do them.

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