Sunday, August 12, 2012

Weekly To-do list August 13-19

1. Read A Dance with Dragons (I haven read halfway through I hope to finish it this week)
2. Read The Hobbit to Claire (I read one chapter but she doesn't seem interested I'm probably going to just read it to myself)
3. Record content for "Fried Egg Sandwich", "Pineapple Spread", "Olive Spread", "Pigs in a Blanket", and "Applewich"
4. Edit last weeks videos
5. Turn the computer off after 10
6. Keep the kitchen sink clean

Honestly I was sick this past week, I got an infection and I've really just been focused on getting better. The cookbook challenge really isn't going well. I'm probably going to edit the videos I've recorded and then just take pictures and talk about the recipes on my blog. Hopefully it wont be so overwhelming. I'm hoping to finish the lunch  part of the Paula Deen cookbook, I want to keep doing videos but I think I will just be doing some videos of things from scratch which was my goal with the cookbook challenge. Now for this weeks to do list.

1. Finish Dance with Dragons
2. Read to Claire every night
3. Finish editing the videos I've recorded
4. Take pictures for at least 1 recipe this week (I was trying to go in order but now I'm just going to do whichever ones I want to do just as long as I do them all)
5. Keep kitchen sink clean (this is so hard to do since Brian gets off work late and then wants to eat while I'm trying to go to bed)

My fall classes start on the 15 so I'm going to focus on keeping up with them hopefully my blog and recipe challenge will not be hurt by that but if they are my school comes first the blog can wait.

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