Sunday, August 19, 2012

Weekly to-do list August 20-26

1. Finish Dance with Dragons
2. Read to Claire every night (ongoing)
3. Finish editing the videos I've recorded
4. Take pictures for at least 1 recipe this week
5. Keep kitchen sink clean (ongoing)

yeah school started this week and now everything takes a back seat. I'm trying to keep up with a to do list and be able to do things but I have to wait until I get into new habits. I'm sarting out by focusing on one subject a day and hoping to get ahead so that way I'll have wiggle room in the future. I'm also going a little overboard and trying to make sure that I learn something instead of memorize, present, forget (or regurgitate information as some of my peers have called it). So to focus on this week.

1. Focus on one subject a day
2. Take as many notes as possible
3. Read the Hobbit
4. Keep desk area clean
5. Keep kitchen sink clean

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