Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012 aftermath

Thanksgiving went wonderfully. The turkey was great, all the sides were delicious. My parents came and we had a wonderful time. Now we have a ton of leftovers. I don't worry about the leftovers because they are delicious. Best leftovers ever.
I succeeded at making the bread for the stuffing. The brine for the turkey worked wonderfully. I cooked the turkey for about seven hours and it was possibly overdone but very juicy. All the other sides were just great, I tried to avoid as much store bought items as I could and I couldn't have asked for better, cleaner food.
One thing I notices during this whole experience is that I spent a lot of money. I know it's thanksgiving and that kind of requires a lot of money. It shouldn't have been that bad. Much of the time I was thinking to myself "I should have had this in food storage." or "if I worked harder I could have had this from my garden." and of course "this could have been free if I had coupon-ed more." This experience just makes me want to take my prepping and homesteading just a little farther, and a little more serious.
I'm not having Christmas at my house but I will be cooking something for it. Can't wait until then.

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