Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012, The Brine

The brine process has started. I cleaned my bird last night and put it into a turkey sized oven bag. I put the bird and bag into my water bath canner and then put the brine in the bag. I'm grad I thought ahead enough to put the bag in my canner because last night it was so heavy I'm pretty sure I would not have been able to grip the bag. Also this morning I discovered that apparently the bag had busted because my canner is full of brine. No worries though because I don't have to re brine the turkey I just have to let it bathe in the canner just until Thursday morning. I added a bit of garlic and black pepper to the brine this morning just to add a little flavor for my turkey.

I baked my bread for my stuffing yesterday, made it from scratch without my bread maker. The bread actually turned out nice for once. Hopefully it'll be good enough to make stuffing tomorrow night. I feel nervous about cooking the turkey but I know I can do it.

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