Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thanksgiving Menu Plan

It seems that I have been conscripted into hosting Thanksgiving this year. I have never done this before. After I married Brian we usually just spent Thanksgiving day with his parents and then spent black Friday with mine, eating a dinner not shopping. One year my oldest sister hosted but now it seems to be my turn and if I had known before today I would have already had a plan. Heck I probably would have started my menu and plan right after getting back from trick-or-treating with Claire.
Any way here is my first time host menu plan and grocery list.
Turkey (organic hopefully free range)
Turkey giblet gravy
crock-pot stuffing from scratch (I'm going to make the bread and everything)
Macaroni and cheese
cranberry sauce (handmade, luckily I can make this a week ahead)
Apple cranberry crisp
sweet potato casserole
asparagus casserole
Potato salad

and for dessert
pumpkin pie
pound cake

Hopefully my family will bring something so everything is not on me. I've already made my grocery list and divided it between "go ahead and buy" stuff and "wait until week of" stuff. Good luck to me making Thanksgiving with the hands I'm given.

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